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Business COVID-19 Prove It Matters

Will we go back to normal after COVID-19?

In this episode Daria (Pace) Lamb, Director Of Partnerships + Ambassador to the Future (Institute for the Future), and Leo Morejon debate both sides of this topic.

Daria also talks about what the future holds for businesses and what they should, shouldn’t, and should have been be doing pro, prep COVID-19.

Daria (Pace) Lamb

Passionate to help people and organizations think systematically about their future so they can focus their strategic efforts to thrive. Focus areas include food, athletics and youth futures.

As a business leader, I drive teams to go beyond defining a problem, and instead to design a road map of forward-thinking practices. Personally, I thrive on multi-layered challenges with diverse constituencies and enjoy creating solutions where everyone benefits. My degree in theoretical economics is enhanced by my experience of working at 2 think tanks, corporate roles, several start-ups, and working around the globe. Honored to be a Fellow of the World Innovation Society since 2017.

Since 2015, I have been an active mentor, angel investor and Board Member to True Made Foods, a quality consumer foods producer.

Specialties: Long-term strategic planning coupled with short-term action plans; mentorship and employee development that aligns with organizational goals; social science inquiry; foresight and futures-thinking; future of youth work, education and employment.


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