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Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Alex Adelman (CEO of Lolli) takes the stance that bitcoin is a viable currency and the future of money and Leo debates him. Lolli: We’ve created the easiest way for people to earn & own bitcoin. Our mission is to make bitcoin accessible to all.

Alex Adelman

My team and I are building Lolli, a rewards application that makes it easy for everyone to earn & own bitcoin. We are on a mission to make bitcoin easily accessible to all.

Previously, my team and I built Cosmic, the leading commerce gateway, that made it easy for people to buy and sell anywhere. Cosmic was acquired by PopSugar (10/15) then again by Ebates/Rakuten (2/17).

Always happy to help good people. 


Lolli is a bitcoin rewards site and browser extension that lets users earn bitcoin when they shop from our partner merchants. We form partnerships with top merchants and get a % of every sale. The reward (%) of bitcoin is determined by our participating merchants.


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