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Prove It Matters – Business Debate Show

There isn’t enough healthy debate in business.

Prove It Matters is a show that changes that.

Latest Episodes

Is investing only for the rich? (Ft. Katie Perry, Public.com)
Will we go back to normal after COVID-19?
Can a book teach you PR? (Ft. Karen Freberg)



Show Host: Leo Morejon

Leo Morejon is a business person, social media keynote speaker, and teacher known for famous marketing moments like the Oreo Super Bowl Blackout Tweet and working as sales leadership at tech SaaS companies, and Leo loves connecting with people. Leo’s experience working at ad agencies, technology companies, as well as brand-side, gives him a unique perspective across multiple topics.

About Prove It Matters

There isn’t enough healthy debate in business. Prove It Matters is a show that changes that. Guests pick a topic, get 2:00 minutes to debate and prove their points matters. All while Leo Morejon pokes, prods, and generally tries to mess them up.

Topics up for debate include everything from influencer marketing (does influencer marketing suck or does it actually work?) to newsletter marketing (do people even read newsletters anymore?) with such heavy hitters as David Berkowitz and Jason Falls.

Leo Morejon brings a unique background, working both in sales as well as marketing across major brands, advertising agencies, and technology companies, and points out everything you’re already thinking about business topics, but are too afraid or too shy to ask.